You already spend time on social media.
Why not earn from it?
Your time is valuable. If your social media presence is not paying you actual cash, it's time for a change.

This 4-step strategy approach on Social Media
is designed to create a content creation routine
based on your schedule, whether you have 5 or
40 hours per week available. You will set tangible
goals, you will NEVER be in the mercy of the
algorithm again and you will generate profit in
just 3 months.

Best part: it works for EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM.

If you want to optimise your content creation
while spending time on things that matter (family, travel, hobbies), I want to talk to you. Click to schedule a free call and let's see how I can help you.

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Who is it for?
This programme is for:
⚫ Full-Time and Part-Time content creators

⚫ CEO's wanting to develop their personal brand
⚫ Small business owners with families, who promote their business via Social Media

Some Successful Content Creators...
Hello Shayne, 300K followers
In 3 months I doubled my followers, I have paid brand deals, a paid subscription platform where I can also sell merchandise and I can afford an editor and a VA.

Before my consultancy, I had over 150k followers on Facebook, my following was growing by 700-1000 followers each day and a friend was helping me with editing for free. Even though I had several videos with millions of views, I was not earning. FB monetization is not enough to cover my expenses as a travel content creator. I was tired, stressed, and burned out, and I almost gave up on creating content.

Stefanos helped me establish a strategy that helps me to create more content and earn at the same time.
Gert Mellak,
Before joining Stefanos' programme, my social media was really nowhere - just a set of random actions without direction. What a surprise it didn't work out 😃

Now after the course, I don't only have an overall strategy on where I want to go with my social presence, but I also have the tools and skillset to actually get there and make progress every single week.
Myth Journey, 700K followers
The SCC worked magic on me! I now have more faith in myself and what I do, I hired proper help and I know what my problem was exactly!

I was unconsciously trying to box myself so people would take me more seriously, and I forgot how to be authentic... I was just delivering scripts.. that made me so miserable.

With the SCC, I found my voice again! I stop caring about what people would say. And now I am getting one campaign offer after the other!
I want to learn more!
Who is this guy and why did he create
The Successful Content Creator?
Speaking from experience here: a 750 subscribers YouTube channel gave me opportunities that generated over $50,000! I realised that there are many ways to use Social Media to build the perfect life and focusing on "growth" and "views" is very limiting.

I am Stefanos, Social Media Consultant, Digital Nomad, Comedian and Video Creator. I have been working on Social Media projects for the past
8 years with some of the biggest names in the creator economy (Nas Daily, Smile Squad, Ming Wei to name a few) and I have taught social media to more than 1,000 students in live classes at the Nas Academy.

Now, I want to help you use social media to earn from your online presence, while focusing on things that matter to you: family, travel, hobbies etc.

That includes:
✔ Social Media Strategy
✔ Psychology of Viewers
✔ Platform Algorithm
✔ Business Marketing on Social Media
✔ Mindfulness Coaching
Where Content Creation meets
Life balance and Business!